About Dolly

Taking daily inspiration from vintage glamour and old souls, Dolly Derringer brings variety and va va voom to the stage with passion for tease and a flask in her garter.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, she began performing burlesque in 2007 when 20 years of dance experience collided with rhinestones, feathers and a bottle of gin. After performing solo in Ohio for two years, she founded Boxcar Burlesque, Athens Ohio’s first burlesque troupe and began producing shows in the summer of 2009.

With great support of the local women’s community, she created The Athens School of Burlesque where she teaches a series of classes and workshops called The ABC’s of Tease, which covers burlesque movement and costuming.

“The Darling Pistol” produces regular shows including Boxcar Burlesque’s first annual burlesque & old time music festival, Hobo’s Holiday, harking back to the days of traveling showmanship and vagabond glamour.

Also an accomplished photographer and designer, she takes the sass from the stage to the page, merging her professional career with the glitter and glamour of burlesque.

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